PowerDNS service for get coordinates for IPv4 addresses

Bert Hubert from PowerDNS made an interesting announcement today. Retrieving the coordinates for an IPv4 address with just a DNS query. New PowerDNS service: get coordinates for every IPv4 address: $ dig -t txt https://t.co/gBtMoc9U69 +short“52.382401 4.899500” Based on @maxmind data. Uses reversed IP address, so this is — Bert Hubert ?? (@PowerDNS_Bert) December […]

Increasing Inotify Watches Limit

After upgrading to PyCharm 2017.2 the notice came that inotify value was too low and the IDE would fallback to recursive directory scanning. For now the following commands increase the inotify limit to 512k of files. It is still interesting why PhpStorm wasn’t complaining while the Symfony projects are much larger.