EU, another day in paradise

Flag of Europe
Flag of Europe

Five years have past and today we go to vote again for a new European Parliament or are we not? Last week some numbers where announced on how the Dutch react to Europe as a whole and one thing can be said very quickly that they’re no very interested or even annoyed. During one show on public television about 200.000 a 300.000 people switch channels within seconds when the word Europe is spoken.

An early warning was 2005 where both the France and the Dutch said NO in a massive way. The Dutch politicians didn’t understand and where disappointed. Some where even angry that the people have said no to their masterpiece. And I heard our prime minister say twice over the years that he deserved a better nation. This reminded me to some books of Noam Chomsky where he describes how a perfect democracy works. For people interested in a short book there is Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda where he explains how the media is being used for democracy.

Maybe our politicians need to spend some money and then they know how to feed us there perfect dream. A dream about a paradise in where everything has been outsourced to the private sector, a paradise where you can have freedom as long as you can pay for it, a paradise where you can have privacy as long as the government and private sector can have access to it. But then again they have another five years to get us convinced to accept the dream.

As for now it is time to vote and to stop caring about the EU and to start worrying again. Also as in 2010 the next elections will be held in The Netherlands to vote for a new parlement. I think the voting tomorrow can be a good indicator of what is going to happen for the next 18 months. But I doubt they will learn from it as they have shown in the past.

Aggressive marketeers

The financial crisis or as we’re being told to believe, now also starts to make marketeers and sales more aggressive. In the Netherlands there are a lot of companies again who say they spoke to you about three months ago, made a deal and if we could confirm it. After requesting for something on paper the conversation normally ends quickly.

Now they have a new strategy and start calling that they spoke with you last year and that you would skip this year as well on god knows what, but they want to confirm this and start requesting your details. They then sent you a form with your details and the request to confirm it that everything is correct. But with the urge to do it quickly or else they need to remove you from there database.

It sounds like some companies are trying to work around the new law that becomes effective on July 1st 2009. This law limits marketeers what they may sent to businesses for there marketing campaigns as now also is for normal people. It also raises a question with me who is site scraping for contact details since they had the VoIP-number for voice, but now for fax or e-mail. And they refused to use the info@ mail address as a nice detail to this all. Again July 1st 2009 becomes interesting for spammers, marketeers and sales.

NLOSUG bijeenkomst bij CompetaIT, take 3

Na een uitstel van de bijeenkomst op 18 december 2008 en op 29 januari 2009 moet het op 26 februari dan toch echt gaan gebeuren. Tijd om bij CompetaIT te Rijswijk bij elkaar te komen voor de zevende NLOSUG bijeenkomst met als thema OpenSolaris in de praktijk. En uiteraard naast de erwtensoep ook de tekensessie van

NLOSUG bijeenkomst bij CompetaIT

Morgenavond is het weer zover en is er een bijeenkomst van de Nederlandse OpenSolaris User Group. Deze keer bij Competa IT met erwtensoep en roggebrood in deze koude tijden. Ook is er een waar ik ook weer punten zal uitdelen samen met andere om nog meer mensen te identificeren voor veiligere wereld.

Update: Deze bijeenkomst is afgelast en zal opnieuw worden ingepland.