PowerDNS service for get coordinates for IPv4 addresses

Bert Hubert from PowerDNS made an interesting announcement today. Retrieving the coordinates for an IPv4 address with just a DNS query. New PowerDNS service: get coordinates for every IPv4 address: $ dig -t txt https://t.co/gBtMoc9U69 +short“52.382401 4.899500” Based on @maxmind data. Uses reversed IP address, so this is — Bert Hubert ?? (@PowerDNS_Bert) December […]

Emoji in URLs are probably a bad idea…

On the dns-operations mailing list there were already discussions about parties who bought domains like ♀.com (xn--e5h.com), but the following is also an interesting development. Emoji in URLs are probably a bad idea… probably: https://t.co/agIckLlvSC ? #phishing #unicode #emoji pic.twitter.com/hMuuTWO1fn — x0rz (NOT@DEFCON) (@x0rz) July 17, 2017 When will we find pages with “special” Web […]