Docker on Fedora 31 and 32

For “Developing inside a Container” with Visual Studio Code, one of the requirements is to use Docker Community Editon as the version of Docker that ships with Fedora is too old and misses certain features. Also the new Docker alternative Podman from Red Hat isn’t supported by Visual Studio Code. After installing Docker CE on […]

PowerDNS service for get coordinates for IPv4 addresses

Bert Hubert from PowerDNS made an interesting announcement today. Retrieving the coordinates for an IPv4 address with just a DNS query. New PowerDNS service: get coordinates for every IPv4 address: $ dig -t txt +short“52.382401 4.899500” Based on @maxmind data. Uses reversed IP address, so this is — Bert Hubert ?? (@PowerDNS_Bert) December […]

Emoji in URLs are probably a bad idea…

On the dns-operations mailing list there were already discussions about parties who bought domains like ♀.com (, but the following is also an interesting development. Emoji in URLs are probably a bad idea… probably: ? #phishing #unicode #emoji — x0rz (NOT@DEFCON) (@x0rz) July 17, 2017 When will we find pages with “special” Web […]