Redirecting to mobile Wikipedia

Wikipedia both has a traditional and progressive website that is shown on mobile devices. After years the progressive website is still not shown on desktops sadly enough, but with a browser plugin a redirect can be triggered to the mobile site in most browsers. This as the Redirector plugin works at least in Mozilla Firefox, […]

Switching to Mozilla Extended Support Releases

At first I wasn’t impressed with Mozilla’s plan for Extended Support Releases for Firefox and Thunderbird, and after sites complained that Firefox 10 was too old it made me switch to the normal release schedule. But now with Firefox 17 being the current ESR and release 24 around the corner it made me rethink everything […]

Google Wave en Chrome OS

Niet The WOW is now, maar The Wave is now. Sinds afgelopen nacht heb ik toegang tot Google Wave met dank aan Hans Wolters. En om maar direct er vooruit te komen, het is meer hype dan echt bruikbaar cq zinvol nu. Dit geldt ook voor Chrome OS waar Google nu hard aan werkt, maar […]